BRITSMA-Retail success by Design   BRITSMA-Retail success by Design
BRITSMA-Retail success by Design
BRITSMA-Retail success by Design
BRITSMA-Retail success by Design
BRITSMA-Retail success by Design
BRITSMA-Retail success by Design
BRITSMA-Retail success by Design
Voted by our industry as one of the "TOP FIFTY RETAIL DESIGN FIRMS" sixteen years in a row. Big thanks to our most valuable assets, "OUR CLIENTS" and "OUR EMPLOYEES".


Retail success by Design

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Retail success by Design

Retail success by Design

Retail success by Design


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Retail success by Design


Jewelry + Museum
Armstrong Diamond Center, Alson Jewelers, Alvin's Jewelers, Ariel Barlo Jewelers, Atempo Relojeria y Joyeria, Barmakian Jewelers, Bavaro Joyeria, Beta Joyeros, Bijouterie Ariel, Billini Centro del Diamante, Billini Joyeria, Bon Marchis Jewelers, Boutique de Horologe Daniel, Call Jewelers, Carrera y Carrera, Celebrity Jewels, Chilingirian Jewellers, Coleman Jewelers, Classic Creations Jewelers, Cywoon Jewellers, David Watch, Draige Diamond Co., D'Vara Jewelers, Diamond Cutters of Western NY, Diane Mageau Fine Jewellers, Dolores of Scottsdale, Du Bose Jewelers, Eddy's Jewellers, Empress Jewellers, EMWA Maxima Distinction, Etoile Jewellers, 5th Avenue Jewelers, Feminto Fine Jewelry, Festina, Fortuna Silversmiths, Fownes Jewellers, Fox's Jewelers, Frost & Co Diamonds, Funcy Diamond Centre, Gause & Son Jewelers, Getz Jewelers, Gladstone Jewellery, Gold & Diamonds Continental, Gold'N Gifts, Gold'N Times Watch Center, Green's Jewelers, Gross Diamond Center, HNR Jewellery Boutiques, Henricks Jewelers The Diamond Centre, Henricks Jewelers, Jensen Jewelers, Jim Kryshak Jewelers, La Luna Bella Joyeria, La Princesa Joyeria y Reloyeria, La Suisse Watch Co, La Swiss, LeBolt Company Jewelers, Le Tycoon des Horloge, L'Elegance Jewellery, Living Diamonds Boutique, Lustig Jewelers, Mackenzie Jewelers, Marquis Jewellers, Marks Bros Jewelers, Marlo's Jewelers, Midtown Jewelers, Modern Love Jewelry, Morgans Diamond Center, Morgan's Jewelers, Morgan Jewelry, Morgan Management, Murray's Jewelry, Nine Two Five Jewellers, Noble Jewellers, Ocean Rock Joyeria, OMNI Jewelcrafters, Oriental Watch Co., Orman's Jewellers, Oro Reloyeria, P.K. FIne Silver, Paul WInston Jewelry Group, Paul's Jewelry Designs, Pelletier Paris, R. Kafman Jewelers, Reloyeria Ola, Raphael London Jewellery, Ringmakers Jewelers, Robert Earl Jewelers, Romeo's Fine Jewellery, Rolex, Rubin's Jewelers, Samuels Jewelers, Peoples Jewelers, Schubach Jewelers, Silver Touch, Swedish Jewellers, Tannos Centro Joyeros The Original Rubin's Jewelery, Thompson Jewelers, Unique Jewels, Versace On The Lake Jewelry Boutique, Watchcraft Jewellers. . . .

Fashion + Specialty
Avenues Gifts, Baby Daze Fashions, Brewer's Retail Stores, Brian's Cookies, Brimiken's Fashions, Chocolateur, Commerce Electric Power Centers, Cyberways Internet Cafe, Diamond Cutters, Doris Place, European Elegance, End Zone Sports, Eyesfirst Eyeware Stores, Future Worlds 27 Club, Geiger of Austria, Golden Fries Retail, Hackett's, Maxim Boutique, Maxi, Oh Sweet Corn Retail, Paul Winston, Platinum Popcorn Retail, Robe di Kappa, Salem Department Stores, Toronto Argonauts Football Club retail. . . .

Hospitality + Nightclubs + Spas
Adams Garden Restaurant, Adams Hotels International, Angus Cafe, Antoine Cafeteria, Aphrodite's Child Resort Hotels and Spa, Big Rooster Food Emporium, Beacon Hill Lodge, Brian's Cookies, Brother's Restaurant, Cafe Frappe, Charlie's Burger, Charlie's Emporium, Coral Bay Resort, Crystal Springs Resort & Spa, Esquire Private Club, Esquire Fine Dining, El Montero Restaurant, Golden West Centennial Lodge, Henry Orient, HNR Canada Ltd, Holiday Inn and Resort Hotels, Hoteles Krystal, La Castile Ristorante, Le Grande La Boom Discotheque, Luna Rossa Racing Team Club, Luna Rossa Ristorante, Macy's Diner, Mammina's Ristorante, Montreal Bistro, Montreal Supermarket, Platinum Popcorn, Quality Suites Hotels, Ramada Rennaissance Hotel, Red Lion Hotels, Sarabanda Discotheque, Sheraton Hotels, Spilia Mightclub, The Esquire Restaurant, Vino Pronto Fine Wines, Windjammer Seafood House. . . .

Commercial + Shopping
21 Dundas Square Center, Al Ghurair Centre, Angus Plaza, Bank of Cyprus, Bavaro Plazonetta, Bonita Shopping Center, Brandon Breast Acreening Clinic, Bolton Plaza, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Canadian General Electric, Canadian Financial Services, Carberry Personal Care Home, Charly's Plaza, City Plaza, Creditwood Homes, Dr. I. Akande Medical Clinic, Dr. E. Lorimer Medical Clinic, D. T. Holdings, Exide Electronics, Ezeville Developments, Galleria Shopping Centers, Hospital for Sick Kids, Humber Community Seniors Services Centre, J & T Real Estate Ltd., Killamey Health Care Facilities, Lafollette Des Carrion, La Bastille Centro Comercial, Lawrence Heights Community Centre, Lansdowne Shopping Center, Leon Shopping Center, Lenox Square, Shopping Center, Middlechurch Personal Care Home, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Padre Stables Mall, Panteli Square Center, Plaza Real, Royal Bank of Canada, Saint George Medical Clinic, St. Boniface General Hospital, Unique Housing Developments. . . .



Jensen Jewelers, Twin Falls, Idaho
"...Once again, you have been very sensitive to what type of store will be most profitable within the market and very sensitive to the selling and merchandising quirks which Jensen Jewelers has. The new store in Idaho Falls has excellent visual display flow and is an extremely easy and profitable store to work. The lighting is extraordinary, making the jewelry look at least as good as it's meant to look... Traffic flow within the store moves customers quickly and effectively to the most profitable areas of the store. And because of the design of the windows, customers are literally swept into the store to profitable areas from outside the mall... The combined effect I know will be very profitable for us over the years, and I am proud to have you once again represent us so well!"

John Jensen, CEO
Jensen Jewelers, Twin Falls, ID

BRITSMA-Retail success by Design

D'Vara Jewelers, Boca Raton, Florida
"...I am very pleased with the Britsma designers at what they have achieved with our new retail store D'Vara Jewelers in Boca Raton. I get a lot of compliments from my customers regarding the layout and design of my store. They feel very warm and invited when entering the store.

The most important thing for me is that Britsma designed my store to fit my budget. I met many designers prior to meeting Britsma. I strongly recommend Britsma for your next project.

Britsma designers' top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative."

Arthur Asinmaz, President/Owner
D'Vara Jewelers, Boca Raton, FL
BRITSMA-Retail success by Design

Greens Jewelers, Corpus Christi, Texas

"Like when I have heart problems I seek the services of a heart specialist for his expertise, the same way, when I plan to open a new store, I seek the services of Britsma; they are the jewelry store design specialists. Britsma has designed 4 stores for me since 1984 and I would not open another store without their expert services."

Jesse Guerra, President
Greens Jewelers, Corpus Christi, TX

Living Diamonds Boutique, Acapulco, Mexico DF, Mexico
"Tuvimos una gran experiencia las dos veces que hemos trabajado con BRITSMA Design Group, en dos lugares diferentes en México, las ciudades de Acapulco y Puebla, muy equipo de profesionales, especialmente el Director de Diseño que tenía un contacto directo conmigo.

Sin duda en recomendar mucho BRITSMA Design Group.

Calidad superior de diseño: Los Grandes Resultados, Los Expertos, Creative."

LAE José Ignacio Garçía, CEO
Living Diamonds Boutique, Puebla, Mexico
BRITSMA-Retail success by Design

Fox's Jewelers, Grand Rapids, Michigan
"I just visited the new store in Southlake Mall and it was beautiful! I just can't believe it is the same location. I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you that you did an outstanding job on this store.

As I said before, we have the best looking store in Southlake Mall."

Michael J. Talbot, Director of Operations
Fox's Jewelers, Grand Rapids, MI

Frost & Co. Diamonds, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

". . .Thank you very much for all of your help and guidance. The new Frost & Co would not have been a reality and so beautiful without you and your design team! . . ."

Beth & Abe Frost
Frost & Co. Diamonds, Pittsburgh, PA

BRITSMA-Retail success by Design

Lustig Jewelers, Chicago, Illinois
"The designers turned this 2700 sq. ft. store located on the third floor of  the shopping center into a jewelry store that dominates the view of this floor from all over the open areas of the mall down to the ground level. The moment you enter the center's atrium area on the ground floor, the storefront of this store looks like as it is the only one on the skyline dominating everyone's attention. There is no question about it that this store will attract the up-scale customers of this shopping center and with no limitation, welcome the moderated customers as well. 90% of the opening of the store faces the shopping center traffic and thus there is little to obstruct the viewer from seeing into the store or entering it. The interior of the store is warm and inviting... The 12' ceiling allowed the designers to realize dramatic horizontal bands - building up in color and stepping forward until they reach the ceiling... From the light troughs there is a cascading of greenery that compliments the warm palette of the store... With this formula you can not miss out entering the store and finding yourself just buying something..."

Martin Pegler , Editor
Retail Reporting Bureau, New York, NY

Henricks Jewelry & Diamond Center, Bonita Springs, Florida
"... but overall, if it wasn't for your creative and innovative design and your effective lighting you specified in our superstore, I do not believe we would have been able to surpass our targeted $18 million in sales on this first year anniversary the way we did. Your market design direction has been right on the mark. You "hit the nail on the head". You and your design team are genius. When you come down to our store for your next merchandising review, I want to discuss with you and get your opinion on the possibility of adding to our current 8000 sq ft another 3000 for a specialty watch boutiques department..."

Rick Grimes, President/Owner
Henricks Jewelers, Bonita Springs, FL

TMC Newspaper, Portland, Oregon
"... We actually have less square footage in the new store, but it seems much larger...... with merchandising and design, the designers have created a clean , streamlined, inviting atmosphere, said Morgan's Jewelers manager Randy Brown..."

Columbian and Midweek TMC newspaper
Portland, OR

Jensen Jewelers, Twin Falls, Idaho
“. . . I really enjoy the Bozeman store, it worked out great. Just want you to know very proud we all are of the store!

Very workable; the community is responding well to it. Once again, your designers did an exceptional job, in the same degree as the past seven stores you already designed for our company. . ."

John Jensen, CEO
Jensen Jewelers, Twin Falls, ID

BRITSMA-Retail success by Design

Morgan Jewelers, Salt Lake City, Utah
"We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your support of Morgan Jewelers Summer Golf and Picnic Classic. It helped us, as a company, to provide a relaxing and entertaining day for Morgan's employees and their families.

We appreciate doing business with you and are most certain that our business relationship will continue to grow."

Mitzi Morgan, V. President
Morgan Jewelers,
Salt Lake City, UT

BRITSMA-Retail success by Design

Thompson Jewelers, Orlando, Florida

Bottom Line in Retail Design: "creating profits for Retailers!"

We are all very proud of our store and we think it is by far the most attractive jewelry store in the entire mall.

Tim says he is looking forward to seeing you on our first year anniversary when we will be celebrating our million dollar year.

Paula Sackett
Thompson Jewelers, Lakeland, FL

Henricks Jewelry & Diamond Center, Bonita Springs, Florida
". . .
Also, I want  thank you again for being so generous with your time in dealing with our Insurers and supplying them with your details of the roof construction and fire rating. It saved us $3000.00 on the jewelers block and business policy."

Austin White, General Store Manager, Gemologists
Henricks Jewelers, Bonita Springs, FL

City of Hope Medical Center and
the Beckman Research Institute

hope.gif (2341 bytes)

On behalf of the Jewelry Circle for the City of Hope, we want to express our deep appreciation for your generous donation to the City of Hope Silent Auction and for your continuing support over the last few years. Your gift will help us raise the much needed funds to continue the valuable work in research and patient care at the City of Hope Medical Center and Beckman Research Institute.

Your generosity in both deed and spirit makes you very special to us and those suffering from cancer, diabetes and other major diseases. We are most grateful to count you among our friends and supporters.

Thank you again for helping to make the Jewelry Circle's City of Hope Auction such a great success. Together, we can make a difference."

Jim Sirotta
Silent Auction Chairman,
Jewelry Circle, Loa Angeles, CA

Our store designs and their retail sales success even inspire our Clients writing poetry praising our designers!
Thompson Jewelers, Lakeland. Florida
A Poem sent to us by Thompson Jewelers
My name is Thompson Jewelers,
I live in Lakeland Square.

It took a lot of very hard work,
For me to open there.

I started as a vision,
Created in Sam's mind.

Then went on to the Thompsons,
As the concept one design.

They worked and planned for many days,
To make sure I was right.

And now I am the finest,
Of the jewelry stores in sight.

I appreciate the people,
Who helped me on my way.

They chose and ordered,
received and billed,
Through many long hard days.

Many sales my first few days,
Were made by those who came.

From other Thompson Jewelry stores,
To help promote our name.

For all of those who worked so hard,
To sell and get me set.

I promise to be the best around,
On that you all can bet.

I am happy on my corner here,
And very proud to be.

The seventh in the line,
Of the Thompson Family.

Paula Sackett
Thompson Jewelers, Lakeland, FL


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